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The Feminist Collective has arranged free on-site legal advice for Hope 24/7 clients, Feminist Collective members, and women identifying and non-binary folx living in Peel, taking place on the third Monday of each month.

Family Law Concerns?

You can book a consultation with Feminist Collective Member Valerie Yap, Barrister and Solicitor, to discuss issues like custody and access, child protection services and legal separations.

Immigration Concerns?

Though Applications will not be filled out for you, our Legal consultant would be happy to provide support to address specific questions related to immigration status and applications.

Get to Know Us

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Booking your Appointment

1. Use the survey link below to complete an intake form

2. Once you have completed the intake, let a Staff member know you are ready to schedule your appointment and they will assist you with booking.






Meetings are by appointment only.

Questions? Contact the Manager of our Feminist Collective Project: Carrie Campbell

Hope24/7's Feminist Collective acknowledges the support of Women and Gender Equality Canada. 

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