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The Canadian Centre for Men & Families (CCMF), a subgroup of the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) has recently opened as a Domestic Violence shelter for men & their children.


While on the forefront it may seem like a harmless or even admirable venture, the values of this organization are deeply rooted in misogyny & transphobia. Based on their present engagements & affiliations with far right organizations, the CCMF has quickly solidified themselves as a safe space for extremist views. A space that is safe for misogyny & transphobia inherently cannot be safe for women-identified & trans-identified folx. Not only does this space run the risk of perpetuating harmful/oppressive biases, it also allows abusers greater access to a network that is already poised to be weaponized specifically against women.


Our report will be used to highlight the problematic history & current present day

connections to organizations & individuals within their leadership that have displayed misogynistic, rape apologist & transphobic rhetoric.


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