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Feminist Collective

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The Feminist Collective is a Research Based Community Initiative investing in alternative approaches to Gender Based Violence in our community through the development of a sustainable Feminist Collective of community serving partners. 

The Importance of This Work

Every 36 hours a women-identifying person in Canada is killed.

Every 6 days a women-identifying person is killed by her intimate-partner in Canada 

We believe that truly valuing the voices of our clients and community members means using what they tell us, to do our part in improving access to resources, services and to help improve the quality of life for our community overall.

Issues like poverty, addiction, disability, lack of access to education, precarious employment, income, housing, social status, citizenship status, and language barriers are just some of the factors that contribute to the amount of time it takes an individual to leave an abuser.


  • Co-creation of well-established, community driven alternatives to the prevention of Gender-Based Violence, equipping community with approaches to self-governance through de-escalation skills, trauma informed care, harm reduction in order to establish a safer community to live in by educating and empowering the community

  • An increase in the amount of Gender-Based Violence survivors who forward to seek healing and care after a traumatic experience without fear of retribution from systems of power

  • Survivors of violence develop trust of community social services through reform, alternative methods of healing, and self-determined care

  • Service providers in Peel receive more funding and community input to care for Gender-Based Violence survivors, individuals experiences mental illness, and families


  • Asset Mapping: Identify the amount of women and non-binary folk in non-profit leadership positions in Peel

  • Community Skill Building: Conduct free community trainings to equip the community with their own skills to de-escalate situations

  • Community Interviews and Research: Conduct qualitative research with survivors of Gender Based Violence in Peel to help the public further understand the intersectional barriers that folx face when seeking supports and navigating community systems

  • Quarterly Events: 16 Days of Activism, Family Day, International Women's Day, Annual Retreat

A Concerted Aim

  • Working with community and partner organizations to raise awareness around the collective's attempts to survey and address community needs.

  • Analyzing and improving access to resources, while simultaneously working to develop community-based alternatives to systemic institutional involvement which has often been proven to be dangerous, especially for people from the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities.

  • Developing stable substructures enhancing the provisions of supports those who require additional services based on intersectional analysis of real world factors and experiences.

  • The focus of this project is prioritizing supporting clients and survivors in our communities that we serve by utilizing what we learn from them to develop more harm reductive methods for the prevention of Gender-Based Violence.

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating in the Feminist Collective, Research Project or Community Based Programming, or to request more information, please contact our Manager of Feminist Collective.

Carrie Campbell, Manager of the Feminist Collective

Be sure to follow us on our social media for updates on our work! 

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Hope24/7's Feminist Collective acknowledges the support of Women and Gender Equality Canada. 

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