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Please see the available positions below for detailed descriptions of our current volunteer opportunities.



We are looking for Community Interview Specialists:

Community Interview Specialists are persons with lived experience who will be trained by the Research Lead to conduct asset-based community engagement. These roles are paid a stipend per hour in recognition of their valuable contribution.


The Community Interview Specialists will help raise awareness about Gender Based Violence, provide information about alternatives to policing used in other places, and gather feedback on what non-police responses the community wants through interviews. Interviews will be conducted either through video, written, or telephone, depending on the participant's comfort. 

These Volunteers will also be involved in:

  • Hope 24/7Peer Support Training

  • Orientation

  • OHRC Tutorial

  • Third Party Reporting

  • Accredited Peer Support Training 

This interview is apart of our Feminist Collective at Hope24/7. The Feminist Collective is a Research Based Community Initiative investing in alternative approaches to Gender Based Violence in our community through the development of a sustainable Feminist Collective of community serving partners. To learn more about our work, click here


To apply for this position, please email

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